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Thread: Reforging armor stats for Fury

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    Reforging armor stats for Fury

    I've noticed in Patch 4.0 that the ArP on my gear has changed to haste and all my ArP gems were changed to +20 crit. My gs is 5696 and I have a tier-10 4 piece set. How does one re-forge their stats on their armor? I'm aiming for the 27% hit cap. I gemmed Str in my red slots, +10 Str +10 hit in my blue slots (or was it yellow), and +10 Str +10 crit in my yellow slots (or was it blue). Should I make any changes to my gemming? also what is the haste cap for fury? Any advice is appreciated.

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    There's a "reforger" vendor next to any enchanter trainer. The dude reforges stuff for you.

    You stick an item in the interface, and use the drop-down to indicate what stat you want to reforge, and another drop-down to indicate what you want to reforge it into.

    Some restrictions:

    * You cannot reforge primary stats. Primary stats are Int, Str, Stam, Spellpower (only on weapons now).
    * You cannot reforge all of a stat, only a fixed percentage of it (don't recall the percentage).
    * You cannot add to an existing stat, i.e. if an item already has crit and haste on it, you can't reforge some of the haste into crit. You can only reforge into stats that are not on the item already.

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    Try looking in the DPS forum for information about Fury DPS. There is a thread about this exact subject there you should check out.
    You will not find much DPS info in the Healing forum.

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    check out the threads mentioned above. thread closed/moved.

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