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Thread: Can't figure out why I take hits harder than other tanks...

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    Can't figure out why I take hits harder than other tanks...

    Hey everyone,

    I feel like I'm a pretty decent tank. I can tank all of the new instances, without problems, unless there's an under-geared healer or trigger-happy dps involved. I have noticed though, in my guild, there is a Paladin that tanks whenever I don't. He seems to take substantially less damage than me, even though his gear is about equivalent. The healers in my guild have also said the same thing. I've looked at everything, including changing my spec around, and I can't figure it out.

    Basically, I'd like to figure it out, because I'm afraid to try taking on ICC if I'm hard to heal.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    If anyone can offer any suggestions, I'd really appreciate it.


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    OK, so your gemming is a little odd. I can't tell if you are aware that you don't have to gem yourself according to socket color.

    Looking at your spec and glyphs, I notice a couple of strange things.

    First, you don't take Gag Order. That's not a survivability issue, but Gag Order is a talent all prot warriors should have.

    Second, you're skipping Improved Disciplines. This goes hand in hand with the fact that you don't have the Glyph of Shield Wall. What this suggests to me is that you are probably the sort of warrior who waits to use his cooldowns until he's in trouble. A reactive tank. In current content, warriors should be using their cooldowns proactively, anticipating incoming damage or low healing moments. To do this, they need to have short cooldown abilities. On my warrior, I have:

    Shield Wall: 2 minutes
    Last Stand: 3 minutes (I use this with Enraged Regeneration: 3 Minutes)
    Shield Block: 40 seconds
    Juggernaut's Vitality: 2 minutes
    Heart of Iron/Glyph of Indomitability: 2 minutes
    Lifeblood: 2 minutes

    I use all of these often. Very often. If you wait to use these until you think you're in danger of death, you're waiting too long. Use them proactively, and you will take far less damage.

    Good times to use these are:

    Boss is about to use WTF BIG DAMAGE ability
    Boss is using an raidwide damage ability that will distract the healers from healing you
    Boss is using an ability that will make the healers have to run around a lot
    Healer died
    Healer is CC'd or impaled
    Extra mobs are pulled
    Any time that you are fairly certain none of the above conditions will apply within the cooldown time of you cooldowns, you can just use them for the sake of taking less damage.

    Cooldowns are there to be used. Use them.

    Use Armor Potions along with your flasks. They are your best friend.

    Get yourself a better shield. The Skull of Ruin isn't even as good as Titansteel Shieldwall or the Royal Shield of Lordaeron thing. There's a good shield that drops in normal HoR.

    Stack stamina. Only use Glyph of Indomitability on Physical fights (for which it's excellent). Otherwise, use a stamina trinket.

    I'll leave it at that now, except to say that I tank alongside a druid and a paladin. My healers swear up and down that we all take similar damage, or that I take slightly less as a warrior. The class differences just aren't very significant when it comes to tank damage intake.

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