Both of these are mine. They're not done by any means, but I'd like some advice on where to take them.

Réij of The Forgotten Coast, via WoW Armory

Woodrow of Runetotem, via WoW Armory

Obviously both could still use some runs through heroics and some of the lower tiered raids. One of my largest concerns is Woodrow's Shield Block rating. Réij was my "main" tanking toon, with Woodrow taking a back seat to my Rogue, which was my overall main. With the advent of these dungeons, I can't buy a slot in a group with my DPS toon, so I started focusing on my poorly geared Woodrow. Most of his gear is badge or heroic gear, as most of his tanking gear prior were blues and/or craftables.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to look.