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Thread: warrior gemming... confused

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    warrior gemming... confused

    ok so i am gearing up my warrior and i am reaching the end of all i can get outside of raids and now i have had conversations with other tanks in my guild (pretty much all pali's) and they suggested that take out my 30 stam gems and replace them with 10 dodge 15 stam for the extra avoidance and such now i am confused cuz now i have done this i am hearing that thats not the best idea that i would prolly be better to stack the 30 stam till i hit 40k hp unbuffed now i only really run reg 10 mans at this time so i am not sure whats suggested for hp amounts. please help!

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    There isnt anything wrong with gemming red sockets with Dodge/Stam or Expertise/Stam, or Parry/stam(if you somehow reach DR on dodge rating), but blue sockets, and anything where a socket bonus will probably be useless, gem straight up stamina.

    It is also good to keep a high stam avoidance set, a high stam threat set, a high stam SBV/SBR set, and of course, w/e other sets you find useful for encounters, but if you dont have a fight on farm, just worry about effective health.

    Gem the stam, be the judge on what bonuses you want. 12 stamina is a great bonus to meet colors for, as well as expertise bonuses if you are under the dodge cap. Hit and anything under 9 stamina, are pretty mediocre compared to the others.

    As for yellow sockets, I usually go with 10 hit / 15 stam, as long as the bonus is decent, otherwise, 30 stam.


    Prismatics (Belt Buckle, BS Sockets), always gem for 30 stam, nothing else.

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    ^ What Cainne said. Gem 30 stam unless you are hitting a socket bonus of +9 stam or higher. Then gem a hybrid if you feel like you need it, otherwise, more stam.
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