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Thread: DK Tank Looking in New Direction

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    DK Tank Looking in New Direction

    Been wondering if it is possible to instead of getting STR/STAM items to getting AGIL/STAM items. In order to stack AGIL/ARMOR in order to increase DMG reduction?

    Yeah I have been used to stacking str/stam items in order to increase Str=AP=TPS and Str=Parry. But I also thought that Parry % has a higher dimishing return than dmg reduction and I currently have no issues holding threat from any classes and I am there to tank not to deal damage.

    Just another way of looking at DK tanking. Not sure if anyone else has thought about this or not. Or even if it is even worth trying. But still here to ask.

    Below is what I am currently at if you might think I am a newbie DK tank asking a dumb question.

    Currently over 40k hp unbuffed in stam trinkets.

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    Agility is a fantastic stat, and if you don't need the threat from strength then you would definitely benefit from a handful of agi/stam gems instead.

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    Is threat really a problem for you? Are you threat-capping your dps? If not then I see no reason to gem other than survival. The dodge/armour gains from agi are fairly small for the investment, as is parry from strength.

    If you want more threat I'd be looking at your hit rating, 136 is quite low.

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    Not having any issues with threat. I run with a Shadow Priest and am using hit/stam food so after all that I am over the 8% hit.

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    If you arent having issues with threat than Agl would not be my first choice for gemming. While it is not a bad stat for dk's by any means I would go for avoidance over agl or a mix of the two.
    If you want more math on agl check out satorri's guides. He really gets deep inbto the exact gains losses in stat alocation.
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