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Thread: Prioritizing What To Get First (ICC): A Rough Guide

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    I may have screwed the calcs up. The way it should be is:

    If an item has a +9 or +12 stam bonus and 2 sockets, gem for the bonus. If an item has all different colored slots, and a +9 or +12 bonus, gem full stam. If an item has 2 same color slots and 1 off color, gem for the +9 or +12 stam bonus.

    If the bonus isn't +9 or +12 stam, gem full stam, ignore the bonus.

    Thanks for pointing that out, I missed that. Agg's assumption was correct, but I had made a mistake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aggathon View Post
    The unidentifiable organ is leaps and bounds better at full stacks, which will probably have a very high uptime, and will be better than the badge trinket at just 1 or 2 stacks (the non-heroic version). The heroic version is on par with the skeleton key with no stacks.
    Not going to delve into the whole gem matching argument... However...

    While that trinket is going to be on the 'BiS' lists of almost every tank, I wouldn't be too optimistic about the proc uptime. Due to the 60% trigger rate and the fact that avoidance will likely not trigger it (we will find out soon, I guess!) the average stack size is actually quite on the lower side of things.

    For the average boss in ICC, I have been seeing the probabilistic uptime math on this returning in the range of 3-4 stacks, on average. However, this will vary heavily based on your avoidance rate and the swing speed of the boss. With the current duration and chances to proc, it is actually very easy for the buff to fall off unless it procs from avoided attacks as well.

    It is still probably one of the best trinkets out there for both EH and survival time, however it only slightly beats the static 228 trinkets in terms of raw EH.

    Personally, I intend on using Heroic Satrina's + Unidentifiable Organ until the heroic trinkets as I feel that use effect on Satrina's is much stronger than that of the ICC Stamina trinkets.

    (I would also personally never gem Agility for a Warrior, although Agility would be a very nice splash stat to have on gear if Blizzard gave it to us. It's not worth thinking in terms of EH for matching reds--you match reds primarily, even in the case of Agility, to gain avoidance/survival time. 10 Dodge Rating is generaly about 30-40% more effective than 10 Agility in terms of extending survival time, which is the main purpose of avoidance gemmings. If you want EH, just toss in the Solid, the Armor from Agility is just too minor to make a big difference.

    For Paladins, however, things aren't quite so clear. 10 Agility actually provides a slightly higher survival/burst time than 10 Dodge Rating, in addition to the slight amounts of EH bias. Thus, I would actually be fairly inclined to use Agility/Stamina gems in applicable sockets for Paladins.)
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