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Thread: Looking for a replacement for GSDKP

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    Looking for a replacement for GSDKP

    I know there's already another loot system thread going on here right now, but I feel like my situation is a bit different.

    I'm in charge of running the loot system for my guild. We are currently using GSDKP, which is a web-based system where all the raiders have their own accounts to log in, view item costs, DKP standings, etc and officers have their own ranks to log in and do administrative things.

    We only use DKP in 25-man raids (10-man loot rules are the decision of whoever happens to be running that raid) and are running ToC and ICC. We use a zero-sum system where people can go into negative DKP, and we charge DKP for loot based on item values.

    When we kill a boss, I do a /rw link on the loot one piece at a time. Raiders PST me if they want to spend DKP on the item. If people want it for offspecs/sidegrades, they can /roll on it. Once everyone has /rolled or whispered me, I look at what I have. People who spent DKP get first priority. If nobody spent DKP, the highest roll wins. If nobody /rolls or spends DKP, the item gets sharded and sent to the guild bank. Here are the things I really don't like about our current loot system:

    1. This /roll for offspecs idea is probably the biggest cause of QQ and drama I have ever seen. People in guild want me to enforce a "main offspec" vs a "secondary offspec" for classes like druids that can potentially consider any piece of gear an offspec piece because people seem to get VERY upset over losing offspec rolls. I don't like the idea of keeping up with every potential "main offspec" and "secondary offspec" for 35+ people. The /roll thing also makes the system easy to abuse (people can /roll on mainspec upgrades and avoid spending DKP if they know there won't be competition...also bad in a zero-sum system because no spending DKP = no getting DKP). I'm not too sure what I can really do about this one though...I want to abolish the offspec rolls and have people spend DKP for everything, but I got outvoted there.

    2. GSDKP is rarely updated. Right now, they still have not updated with loot tables for ICC. I'm basically using "dummy" items from ToC and charging people equivalent DKP values to ICC loot with them. I think the GSDKP admin stopped playing WoW or something and now just does stuff with GSDKP whenever he feels like it. I understand that not all of ICC is available yet, but I suspect the admin is not really there anymore for other reasons.

    3. Lack of an in-game mod. When someone wins a piece of loot, I have to tab out (no dual-monitor setup) to the GSDKP site, add a boss kill event, assign the item to the person, look through a list of DKP standings when we have some awesome item drop that 10 people all want to spend DKP on, etc. Overall it's a big pain.

    4. Lack of separate DKP pools if you run more than one instance. ie, I don't want people earning DKP in 25-man ToC and spending that same DKP in Icecrown Citadel. GSDKP had a post from the admin saying he wanted to implement this "at some point in the future" but that post is approximately two years old now. Right now my guild has two separate accounts on GSDKP, both for ICC and ToC. It's really a pain to manage.

    What I'm looking for:

    Something that allows us to continue using the zero-sum system and basing costs off item values like we're doing now, but with an in-game mod to make it less of a pain to manage (so I don't have to tab out and look up DKP standings/assign loot each time something drops). I also like how GSDKP is web-based and allows raiders to have their own accounts, so they can log on and view DKP standings, etc.

    Any advice anyone can give me here is appreciated. I am actually spending so much time dealing with the current loot system we have that it's impacting my raid performance. I'm pretty interested to hear how some of you guys are managing your loot systems and what you might do if you were in my position.
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    Ever thought about priority offspecs? We have a list of a limited number of people who can swap to a good geared offset when needed.

    For instance: after the mainspec tanks get their items we have 2 dps that often jump in have priority on those items. This way we ended up with good geared dualspec dps-ers who can tank almost anything we're doing now. Before we made thise rule we ended up with tankloot spread across far too many people to have decent offspec tanks.

    We have the same priority rule for a few healers who can go dps and dps-ers who can go heal.

    Also, you still got to rethink your "allowed to roll in stead of paying dkp on mainspec items if there is no competition". You allow players in low competition brackets to build larger dpk-pools then players in high-competition brackets. Where in the end the low-competition players have an edge over the people who need to spend dkp on every piece of gear they want.

    Last: I have used eqdkp.

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    Consider EP/GP.

    My group are big fans of this system. Pros: in game mod, website data, no item inflation, no list camping, and up to date (ICC) value points of items calculated. Cons: raiders cannot spend whatever they feel an item is worth to them.

    The pros outweigh the cons, imo.
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    Yeah, I've heard a few good things about EPGP. I was looking at something called WebDKP for a bit. Looks nice, but it appears to still be in beta or something, and I saw a lot of random glitches while I was playing with it. I like GSDKP pretty well, just not the fact that the admin doesn't seem to be all there and the fact that it rarely gets updated. I went through the whole "3 weeks after new content release until new loot tables are added" thing with ToC as well, and it was a major pain to deal with that.

    I think I'm going to start looking a little harder at EPGP.

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