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Thread: DK Tanking Frost DW a few questions

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    DK Tanking Frost DW a few questions

    The World of Warcraft Armory
    That's my armory. I was just wondering what i need to improve on. I don't have aggro issues and i don't think i have really any tanking issues, but i want to know how i can improve. Whether it's in my spec, my gear, my stats, or whatever. Just looking to improve. The hardest raids i have tanked have been ToC 10, Ony 10, VoA 25, and Maly 10. Also I'm not sure if i am geared enough to move forward, and if i am what should i be raiding? Emblems are not an issue. I can get however many i need or want. All it takes is time.
    My rotation right now is HB, Obl, BS, BS. RS is macroed with HB, BS, and Obl. I just kinda go with the flow after this first rotation.
    Any advice is good advice.

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