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Thread: Jugg(258)+ Egg/GoI/Jugg(245)/HoI?

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    Jugg(258)+ Egg/GoI/Jugg(245)/HoI?

    Alright, I'm seeing a lot of discussion about tanking trinkets, and a lot coming from warriors to warriors, but what about Paladins?

    Seems kind of a silly question and I'm sure I can find SOMETHING on it if I go back far enough, but I'm just wondering if I'm subtlety gimping myself here.

    Currently I run 2x Juggernauts (245/258). I don't really want to upgrade to the frost trinket yet as I have other priorities I'd like to get, but is there a better combination?

    With armor being what it seems to be now it doesn't seem like the heroic Egg would be that awful anymore would it? I have that and Heart of Iron, Juggernaut 245, and I can easily buy Glyph of I.

    Can I ask what you guys would do, or what your feelings are on it? I'm horrible at theory crafting or following numbers in more technical threads so I'm a little lost here.

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    What is this egg you speak of? Eitrigg's oath? If so that's only good for avoidance fights, like Saurfang, and frankly I'd use glyph of indom over it. Probably a pretty decent trinket for gunship though, but that's like the only fight out there right now that I can phathom it would be good for.

    Some people argue that the glyph or heart of iron (Depending on your hit points and the fight) are better thank dual Jugg's since you lose an "oh snap!" button by using dual juggs. For some fights this is probably true (marrogar maybe, saurfang, algalon probably) but on other fights (Gormok, Jaraxxus maybe, etc.) Where it's better to have max EHP, I'd say dual Jugg's is better.

    For the most part pallies and warriors function the same as far as gearing, however there is also a decent argument that pallies get more from stam than warriors do, so I doubt anyone would lambast you for using dual Jugg's.

    It probably comes down to fight mechanics and personal preferrence.
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    Depends on the fight really, for a pure EH fight I would go with double Juggernauts since they have more EH by far than any other in any situation. In a fight where it is useful to have an extra CD and it is primarily physical Jugg Glyph is the best option. Say you are in another situation that requires another CD but the burst is 20% magic, Jug and Heart of Iron are king. And on an avoidance favoring boss like Saurfang go with an Etrigg Glyph combo.

    As you can see there are no clear cut winners and it would be beneficial for yourself and the raid as a whole to switch your trinkets out fight to fight.

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    Yes, that's what I call Eitrigg's oath. Just seems easier, but sorry about that.

    Well, since I never spend triumph on anything anymore I might as well pick up Glyph and spend a few weeks playing around with it to see what I prefer personally which is what every argument comes down to. Personal preference. I see great arguments across the board for every combination of things and it's all opinion.

    Thanks for the responses you two, I appreciate it.

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