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Thread: what are some good options for me?

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    what are some good options for me?

    G'morning all. Looking for some input/advice as to what weapons I should be shooting for next.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    As you can see in my armory link, I'm sporting dual peacekeeper blades.
    For the most part they have served me well and I almost never have
    issues with threat. In 5 mans I can usually push 2.2k dps pretty steady.
    haven't ventured into 10/25 content just yet.

    I'm just looking for some good suggestions as to any weapons period that would be a good upgrade over what I have now.
    Whether fast or slow, I just wanna keep progressing in a proper direction.

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    simply put
    Rimefang's claw
    Pit of saron hc last boss
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