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Thread: Guild Bank Funding

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    ^ sigh.... well there is 30k in the gbank... and that is low. So somehow it worked out. I used the best figures I had available to me. As I said before, feel free to not use our system. Its only out there for those who could use a little direction to accumulate come gold in their gbank.
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    We rarely have more than 30-40k in the gbank in terms of raw gold. I don't think hoarding more than that is truly beneficial. Keeping mats, and various other popular tid-bits as rewards for progressing worked a lot better for us. I tend to view the gbank as the soup kitchen of our guild community. When we're on hard times, it's there to cushion the impact of long-nights wiping, a bit of a push to craft new gear, and helps encourage players to stay interested in the raid content rather than how much gold is on their main.

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    The way my Gbank does it, is we keep crystal's and orbs. Members can buy them at half cost of the AH. Any BOE epic that drops, if noone rolls for it MS or OS then we feel we can sell if. Doing just this, we have bought all tabs and the Gbank has 50k gold in it =]

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