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Thread: [H] PVE-Kilrogg <Dystopia>

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    [H] PVE-Kilrogg <Dystopia>


    Who are we?
    Dystopia is a strict 10m raiding guild.
    We live and breed for having fun when we are raiding together as we are a very tight group of people with the hope of seeing the endgame content in 10m. What we are looking for is a few exceptional players for the current content we are doing.

    Icecrown Citadel 8/12
    Trial of the Grand Crusade 5/5
    Ulduar 13/14

    Raid days
    We are raiding Wednesday, Sunday, Monday.
    Invites starts 19:45 ST
    Raid starts 20:00 ST
    Raid ends 23:00 ST

    We like to extend raids with a hour if it means progress.

    We except people to have flask, potions, repaired, prepared, and know tactics.
    Have gold for repairs.

    Looking for
    - DPS/Tank Death Knight
    - Enhancement Shaman
    - DPS/Tank Warrior

    Kind regards, Dystopia.

    If you are interrested take a look at dystopia.odsign.eu
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