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Thread: Dk tank looking for some advice.

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    Dk tank looking for some advice.

    Hello everybody, I am new to Tankspot. I wish I found this forum earlier when I was starting tanking, but oh well. I'm here on the count of a few things I need some advice on.

    I know my gear is decent for me. I OT 3/4 ICC 25-man and OT/MT 3/4ICC 10.
    I haven't done ToGC10 or ToGC 25 yet, I'm looking to start them tho.
    I have never touch Ulduar since I dinged 80 when ToC came out.

    Armory Link:
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Now on to my problems:
    1. I need more hit! I'm currently at 4.33% to hit
    2. I'm almost Exp capped but not there. 20/26 Expertise. Looking for a better way to get those
    3.My spec, just need a few others to tell me if my spec is bad/good.
    4. Are my trinket's viable for what i'm raiding? +170 stam is good but... Is there better?
    5. I have way to much defense! 574 defense. Is there a way to lower this?

    Thanks for anyone who helps me!

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    hola and welcome to tankspot

    1,2,4 and somewhat 5 can all be answered in this thread




    for a quick boost to hit try

    Snapper Extreme - Item - World of Warcraft
    Worg Tartare - Item - World of Warcraft

    for your third question it looks ok.. your spec that is. I do wonder why as a blood tank you have opted not to get rune tap. personally I would take at least one point out of scent of blood to get rune tap. I would also encourage the usage of Mark of blood.

    for more complete answers on your spec read



    and to get a good idea of ho you as a blood tank fit with other dk tanks.. and a lot o info about all three read


    and yes you need to balance your defense but I cringe when somebody says there is to much.... but in order to get your hit/exp you will lose some of that as you re-itemize your gear
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