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Thread: Aggro problems

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    Aggro problems

    My problem is i am finding it really hard to gain or even keep aggro when i am running random HC's. This is becoming a very frustrating problem and i have no idea what i am doing wrong i REALLY need some help please.

    I don't think my gear is to bad at the moment yes i know i need to sort out my enchants and there are some better items i could get but i am working on these slowly.

    My gear http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...n=Dragon+Lords

    I am using the 96969 rotation but finding i am having problems running out of mana very quickly and having to use mana potions on nearly all my fight i am keeping Divine plea up as much as i can also aswell. I really don't know what i am doing wrong. i have been advised to pull more mobs to keep my mana up, but this comes back to the problem of being able to gain and hold the aggro on multiple mobs.


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    this is purely for threat and won't really help you with mana problems: get you expertise up to 16 (82rating i think) with Seal of Vengence/Corruption up that will be the softcap (you'll need to get to 163 rating if you're gonna use Seal of Command). secondly get you hit up to 263 rating or 8%. replace the Glyph of Righteous Defence with the Glyph of Hammer of the Righteous. That done, your threat will be solid.

    as for mana issue i run a near identical talent spec, and yes you will have mana issues, cos you're specced to take huge amounts of damage, mainly from ICC raid bosses, not 5man HC bosses, or even 5 man trash. so yeah pull more.

    I am assuming you're judging wisdom and using BoS

    If you're still struggling for mana threat in 5mans think about picking up reckoning and dropping points into Benediction and topping off spiritual attunement, you can probably drop DS and DG if you're struggling in HC for threat and mana, and not struggling to stay alive another CD is unnecassary

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    A few thoughts:

    1. Mark the first kill target with skull, let the group know that's the one who will get hit with judgement and shield of righteousness, making it the one you're putting the most threat on.

    2. Drop consecration out of your rotation once mobs are locked onto you. It's very mana intensive.

    3. SoComm + HotR is fantastic multi-target threat, but if the DPS is opening up with full AoE right off the pull they can't expect you to hold aggro on everything. Tell them to let the mobs get settled on you before they go all out.

    4. Get Threat Plates, so you can easily pick out what's not on you and taunt it back.

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    I know when I pull those five mob groups I have a little trouble at the beginning with mana, but usually the group I am running has the experience and gear to chain pull most heroics theses days, (Minus HoR) and thus divine plea is usually up all the time. I have the same spec as you currently and its badass, I pull more single target threat off the more geared and maybe a little less intense warrior tank in my guild runs :P I do have lots of hit and I am at the soft cap for expertise and I don't really care about topping that off. The only people who can pull threat off me is other tanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfpla View Post
    .....i am keeping Divine plea up as much as i can also aswell.
    Except for the few cases where the dungeon controls the rate at which mobs come, like Violet Hold or HoR, there is no reason to have divine plea fall off much at all. You've got 15 seconds from the time the last mob dies, to make melee contact with another mob from the next pull so that your DP doesn't fall off. It's not necessarily a case of pulling more mobs, but moving between groups faster.

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