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Thread: Deathbringer Saurfang ICC10

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    This may be out of the norm but we did this on Tuesday with one of the blood beasts being tanked. Well, "tanked" may not be the correct way to describe it.

    We had 3 melee (2 rogues, 1 blood DK) and 2 ranged. One of the range had lag issues and had difficulty kiting. Our strat was to have range kite one of the beasts and have pally tank taunt one with sacred shield up. The rogues would kidney shot stun (4-5 combo pts) the blood beast being tanked and they would die from the 3 melee on them before the kidney shot expired. Between the sacred shield and kidney shot stun, blood beast being tanked didn't generate much blood pts for Saurfang. This made dealing with the beasts a lot easier.

    This may not work for everyone, but I just wanted to share this strat to let people know that other strats exist for the 10 man encounter.

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    My guild is stuck on this fight too. We can not figure out what to do, and it might just be our group makeup, but we haven't ever had a prob before.


    Priest (normally Holy, but dual Discp)
    Shaman (can go dps, but not great dps gear)

    Hunter (marks)
    Hunter (surv)
    Mage (arcane)
    Warlock (afflic)
    Druid (boomkin)

    Obviously, were all ranged DPS, and so what we were doing was having the druid root one while the others burnt the other, then switch to the other add, then back to the boss. Everyone was running around like crazy. We were trying to stay 12 yds away, but with all that range it was pretty hard to do.
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    My guild just 1 healed it with a shammy and the first dps to get the mark killed himself. We had tons of trouble until we did that and boom, 1-shot.

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    Our first kill was 2 healed, after realizing the DPS requirement is so high that 3 healers seemed impossible.

    -Prot War (Me)
    -Prot Paladin

    -Holy Paladin
    -Restoration Druid x2

    -Arcane Mage
    -Hunter x2 (1 Marks, 1 Surv)
    -Ret Paladin
    -Destruction Warlock (No Shadowfury)

    Eventually we had to drop a Resto Druid and picked up the second hunter. We didn't have Heroism and Blood Power was controlled well (not getting the first Mark until ~23%). We had no systematic spreading to prevent Blood Nova.

    Our latest attempts have seen Marks anywhere from 42-56% which is way too high. It seems Blood Beasts hitting melee has become a substantial problem so I'm going to try some of these new strategies. We usually let the mark target die, but out latest attempts yielded a Marked healer and then tank.

    Latest comp is:

    -Prot War/Pally

    -2x Arcane Mage
    -2x Hunter
    -Ret Paladin
    -Destro Lock

    -Resto Druid x2

    Healing is only an issue in Phase 2 for both druids. Our first kill, our holy paladin solo healed through Frenzy (no Heroism) from 22-24% to the kill. I believe 1 healer, 1-2 tanks is possible with amazing damage control.

    Has anyone tried this with 1 tank/1 healer or close to?
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    Unless you packed major DPS, 1 tanking this is nigh-unreachable unless you had like 10k constant DPS or something to negate that 10x healing factor from Rune of Blood.

    One healing it would be dicey due to the fact that their mana will need to last for the tanks, DPS being bashed on by the beasts if any, and the Blood Novas and Boils. Even an Intellect stacking Flash of Light paladin would shiver and reel at the thought of being the saviour healer in that scenario.

    One healing - possible but you need one with godly mana pool or something.
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    our first saurfang10 kill

    our first 10 man kill, about 1.5 hours ago...(no serious raiding lately due to finals and the holidays ><)

    Group Composition

    -Paladin (me)
    - Warrior

    -Holy Paladin

    -2x hunter
    -Shadow priest

    We had our hunters watching spawn timers on the adds and running in around with about 8 seconds to go and dropping frost traps on either side just behind the tanks and ready with distracting shots just in case, also had our warlock ready with shadowfury just to be safe.

    Holy paladins are wicked overpowered for this fight, gotta love beacon. communication between the boomkin and the paladin regarding innervate was absolutely crucial, and burning both paladin's loh on the healer for the extra mana helped as well.

    I won't lie, it was a pretty tense fight ^^

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    To me it sounds like you let him get too much blood power. If possible try to bring a disc priest in as they can absorb all the boiling blood damage with PW:S. For the adds, have the hunters standing to the left and the right of the Hpally (who uses RF to aggro the beasts). Make sure they use Distracting Shot so the tanks don't get aggro.

    Hope this helps you

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    We 9manned him this weekend with two healers.
    We had the pally healer care for the tanks and the raid whereas I(Disc Priest) bubbled anything that got hit by blood nova and range DDs killing beasts. And by bubbling I mean going berserk. PW:S and proccing Aegis all over the place.

    We only had to deal with one mark so some of us even got that achievement. Bringing a Disc priest sort of trivializes this fight and I fully expect an incoming change. Our DPS wasn't great so this strat bought us quite a lot of time.

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