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Thread: Ordo ab Chao...

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    Ordo ab Chao...

    Order from chaos...

    D. Brown fan much? Nah. Just sounds better than "Hai gais so wuts up wifh tis sheild thingy, is it rly any gud? xD xD"

    Oh well! I'd like to start out by saying that I completely understand how frustrating it must be to watch hordes of newbie tanks go rampage on this site with seemingly simple questions - And I'm no better in this particular case. However... I've tried to make my way through the tons of material about tanking but everything is dated back a year ago or so, even the basic guides here on TankSpot, so I'm not really sure if the information in those guides are reliable anymore, which is why I am now going to ask some very basic question. I'd rather not, really, but tanking is totally new to me and I can't risk the calculations and the info in general being outdated 'cause of the patches etc. etc. - So here goes !

    (Please redirect me to any topics my five hour search couldn't find if you think it's relevant for me)

    Expertise >< Hit

    Basically I read the guide on TankingTips.com and found it to be the most useful - I'm just wondering if it still applies almost a year later?

    Quote Originally Posted by TankingTips

    Dodge caps
    123 Expertise Rating (15 skill) + 3/3 Vitality + 5 Skill Racial (Orc/Dwarf) = 3.75% + 1.5% + 1.25%
    140 Expertise Rating (17 skill) + 3/3 Vitality + 3 Skill Racial (Human) = 4.25% + 1.5% + 0.75%
    164 Expertise Rating (20 skill) + 3/3 Vitality = 5% + 1.5%
    214 Expertise Rating (26 skill) = 6.5%

    Parry caps
    435 Expertise Rating (53 skill) + 3/3 Vitality + 5 Skill Racial (Orc/Dwarf) = 13.25% + 1.5% + 1.25%
    451 Expertise Rating (55 skill) + 3/3 Vitality + 3 Skill Racial (Human) = 13.75% + 1.5% + 0.75%
    476 Expertise Rating (58 skill) + 3/3 Vitality = 14.5% + 1.5%
    525 Expertise Rating (64 skill) = 16%

    Hit Caps
    230 Hit Rating + 1% Racial (Draenei) = 7% + 1%
    263 Hit Rating = 8%
    Short version: Expertise will always be superior to Hit?


    I'm only lvl 78 atm but as soon as I reach 80 I'm starting to farm heroics with a couple of friends. Is the talent specialization the same regardless of what type of content I'm tanking? Will one spec be good enough for both Heroics and ICC in the future or will I have to respec? (It's not a problem at all. Just curious!)


    15/3/53 (2/2 Imp Disciplines instead of 4/5 Shield Specialization)

    I guess it just comes down to personal reference but I figured asking wouldn't hurt anyway


    Shield Slam > Revenge > Concussion Blow > Shockwave > Devastate

    The above rotation is the one that made most sense to me but I'm not sure whether it applies to single targets only or if it works with multitanking as well - Not to forget the Thunder Claps and the Demo/Commanding Shouts once in a while.

    Other than that... All the stuff about Avoidance ratios etc. etc. - is it still liable information or could you guys help me out and maybe redirect me to more recently updated posts on the topic? I'm willing to put much effort into becoming a good tank but reading through tons of material only to realize that it's outdated seems... Well to be honest I'd rather claw my eyes out.

    Thanks in advance, please don't hesitate with any questions if some of it is jibberish

    Khadgar EU

    Edit: Sigh... And just now I stumble upon this fresh guide by Aggathon ._. FML

    Still, if you have anything in specific to add, please let me know!
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    (Yes, spelled username wrong, don't ask!)

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    lol, I was actually about to post my guide here for you then I read your edit =P

    Glad you found it and hope you find it useful.

    As for what you posted, yes you are correct in pretty much everything you said!
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