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Thread: Bladestorm SS nerf, is a nerf to PVE as well?

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    Bladestorm SS nerf, is a nerf to PVE as well?

    Recent changes: Sweeping Strikes will now only trigger once per whirlwind rotation of Bladestorm.

    Sweeping Strikes / Bladestorm
    We are in fact keeping the interaction. SS will still be worth hitting when Bladestorm is up. What it will not do is hit one target 4 (or in some cases even more) times. The stand alone ability Whirlwind had this bullet-proofing as part of the spell, but the new whirlwinds created as part of Bladestorm did not. We think this is one of the main causes of the "Bladestorm blowed me up" feedback.

    Does this affect PVE arms dps as well? I never really noticed the SS BS interaction, but I still popped them together anyway for bosses such as 25 H TOGC Anub, TV, LJ (when portal/add/boss are stacked)
    Also, I would do pop the same on during single targets, also getting back full rage bar
    Anyone know if this messes up using SS BS on single target bosses?

    Does this PVP nerf affect PVE arms also? because I already do more dps as fury in many fights...and then along with the ArP nerf, this is yet another nerf to PVE Arms spec?
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    Huge Caveat: I never noticed that SS/BS could be 'exploited.' So, I could totally be misunderstanding how SS/BS worked together.

    But from the log Bornok posted it sounds like if the second target was between 5 and 8 yards away. All of the extra attacks would hit the first target. Which meant that for every WW target one took 3 hits and target two took 1.

    I don't think this is a PVE nerf because SS/BS is being changed to reduce burst damage. You still get 5 extra attacks from SS, they just can't happen within a certain amount of time. So sustained it should be fine for PVE dps.

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    sounds more like a bug fix than a nerf really.

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