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Thread: Fury tanking ( warrior )

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    Fury tanking ( warrior )


    i have been looking at fury spec tanking with a 2hander for some time now and i have been trying and changing stuff around to gain most threat and less dmg takern at the moment i have a fury tank spec on my warrior and i have used it to tank 5 man and 5 man Hc mode lvl 80 dungons

    and i find it a very easy way of tank also still have the 5% dodge / parry / block still in build also last land only problem with the spec i made is toughness is not 5/5 its only 2/5 but i only use it for hc dungon's atm but i am looking into tanking raid's as furt tank ( MT or OT )

    since my gear make's me over def cap i am amble to tank in fury holding threat on not just boss's but muti trash of 3 or 4 + mob's and still have rage inc from talants and ablity's but have the dmg to get threat n hold it

    this is the link to the build i made as i said its only a basic start build to test out but i got high hope's since it been great for 5 man hc's

    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    anda link to my charicter armory also so u can see my gear i have been using to test this fury tanking

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    hope to get some feed back and some coment's on this fury tanking i think its great for hc dungon's ( 5 ) and i think it will be fine is some 10 raid's ( i will be testing this in toc 10 normal soon to see how it goes ( have normal prot spec also if any tip or improvment u might think )

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    Well of course when you're overgeared and doing moderately trivial content, you can do this with niche specs.

    This has been done in the past and is of course viable when you do these things.

    The only reason we even spec prot, is to do progression type stuff with maximum survivability. I'm sure it's fun as hell.

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    fury tanking

    yes it has been tried i seen a few old post about it and some new one's and i throught i would pop my veiw's and exp in fury tanking i alrdy have a follow in game who has same spec but alot less gear and stat's but he seem to tank 5times better with this build i shown him how to tank whats best for warrior tnaking and all that and he seem's to enjoy n like fury tanking he does not raid only hc's but yes survivability in fury tank is not as same with the prot build but u still have last land with the hgih gear n exp of raids it can be very fun n i think riading as fury might be a possable key since we still use the hsield but 2hander main hand

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