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Thread: Fury Warrior Advice

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    Fury Warrior Advice

    I am mired in the discussion of STR versus ARP. I use a mac so cant get the spreadsheet to do analysis to work. I was all gemmed for STR and had armor-based 34% ARP, but noticed I was not getting any gains from attack power procs (or any additional STR gains). So I looked at a few higher end fury warriors specs and noted around 700 ARP; so I re-did gems to get there. I havent raided since that (going to ICC25 tonite), so I am not sure how that will work out. I know I need to pick up a better trinket than mark of supremacy; I will have to gem a little hit to swap for the scorpion trinket but I think it will be worth it. Link to WoW armory below, would appreciate any feedback.

    The World of Warcraft Armory


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    It was to my understanding that if you don't have one of the ArP proc trinkets (Grim Toll, for example), you should go strength. Not entirely sure, but that was my understanding.

    I know Thegreatme has a great fury guide in the guide's section, might look into that. He's on his game.

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