Ok here's the question. I currently use 2 Relentless Gladiator's Slicers for my dual wielding frost spec. They provide 88 stam each with 15 more in the gem as well as 190+ dps. With Nerubian Carapace I hit the defense min with these. I recently got 2 Rimefang's Claws they have about 20 dps lower than my slicers, but gain .8% dodge and .4% parry each (2.4 avoidance) as well as enough defense to not need carapce for the minimum defense.

My question is, should I use the Slicers with more dps and the nerubian carapace, or Rimefangs? And if I do use Rimefangs, is it a bad idea to go with 2% parry on each? That would provide me 6.4 % avoidance at the cost of 20dps and about 5 or 6 hundred hp.

Any comments would be appreciated.