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Thread: Agg's Prot War Tanking Guide

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    Are you specifically talking about tanking weapons? The majority of high-TPS weapons aren't ones with tanking stats at all.

    Additionally, the value of things like The Facelifter or Mithrios depend on your current amount of Expertise. If you are still below the softcap, it will probably beat Last Word. Heroic Last Word has the advantage of being one of the easier to get high ilevel weapons, though, so you gain some easy weapon DPS there.

    Things like this are pretty situational, though. Depends on Heroic Strike frequency and many other factors.
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    I never got a weapon passed Ogrim's Deflector, I never really looked into it, lol.
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    On almost all fights heroic strike frequency is near 100%, making Last Word superior at ~26 expertise. Although I would never use it over my Mithrios H as I stated.

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    what are you guys putting on your cloaks? armor?

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