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Thread: Emblem purchase advice

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    Emblem purchase advice

    I'm a kitty DPS that is wondering what I should be buying with these emblems that seem to grow on trees. =)

    Also while you're there if you notice somethign off on spec or anything let me know.

    If someone wouldn't mind giving me some advice on emblem purchases. here is my Armory.

    I think I'm getting towards the end of real badge upgrades and it may be time to start working on gear for a bear.


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    triumph emblems or frost? I'm assuming you're talking the former.

    it really depends on your style, but if I were you I'd try and get the T9 helm. It has expertise and you currently have no extra expertise; it would help some with your damage. Other than that you've mostly bought what you can. The offset helm (hood of lethal intent) is another good choice, as is the offtier shoulders, but neither are super required right now.

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    This completely off topic, but I just think moovaca is an awesome name for some reason. Usually I /facepalm at the cow puns (Although I think cowtastrophe is hilarious too) but for some reason this one is just really catchy.
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    Rawr is your friend. Download it. Love it.

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