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Thread: Looking for some constructive suggestions

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    Looking for some constructive suggestions

    Hello all,

    Well thought it was about time I posted my gear/spec here at tankspot for some constructive suggestions.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I am a MT/OT for our guild. I run a mix of 10 and 25 mans through TOC. Just last night I tanked the first boss of ICC 10 man (Marrowgrave?). Anyway I survived that.

    I have read through mountains of info here at tankspot and it's starting to overload me, so I thought I would ask for any suggestions on gearing, gemming, spec, enchants, anything is appreciated. What am I lacking in or where could I use some tweaking?

    Thanks for your attention, looking forward to your responses.

    aka. The armored rock

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    Spec looks good, although you might want to swap your glyph of revenge for a glyph of devastate.

    Gear though, needs some work:

    Hat: Replace the meta with an austere earthsiege diamond (2% armor value and +32 stam)

    Chest: +275 health or defense would be better enchants.

    Shield: Defense or Stam would be better than additional BV.

    In general - stop gemming for defense unless you are below the minimum level. Stop gemming for hit and shop around for some badge pieces to let you stop gemming for expertise. Straight stam gems are better with an expertise/stam or dodge/stam for your meta activation.

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