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Thread: very low arms dps

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    very low arms dps

    hello tankspot, i would like some help with my gemming and gear in general.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I am MS dps from now on, and I need alot of help because im not as familiar with arms as i am with prot
    I've been told that arms dps should stack Armor pen as much as possible, and so i tried..but today at saurfang i had very low dps.. i had around 4.5k and i dont think it is enough. my gear is really that bad or am i doing something very wrong?
    I downloaded Rawr, im not really sure how it works but it showed me that I should use fill all my sockets with STR and STR+CRIT for socket bonus..is that true?
    Also, i bought my 245 dps trinket (for 50 emblems) and today I got this item
    Polar Bear Claw Bracers - Item - World of Warcraft and i am over capped in hit, should i stick with my current bracers until i get some other items that wont have hit on them?

    thanks in advance!
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    Because you don't have an ArP trinket, I'd switch all the ArP gems to STR gems. That should improve your dps nicely. That, and put berzerking on your weapon.

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