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Thread: Icecrown?

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    With the massive damage and the the new content of icecrown i'm looking how to best approach this. so far (I'm in the Tier2 raiding team in our guild) we managed to get the first boss down to 30% before we fell apart.

    What can i do to step up my game....
    How it usually go is.

    Tank-1 Warrior, 1 Pally
    Druid-Point healer

    DPS varies.

    What i tend to do is beacon the pally put my Scared sheild on the Warrior, and start throwing off holy my big heals until the whirlwind pjase when i switch to light heals about the raid and myself and the second he stopps beacon the pally and keep healing the warrior

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    What is it that is happening?

    Do your tanks die? Do your raid start to die from fire?


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    The healing of Marrowgar is intense because the fight of two things.

    -Misconception of the "Saber Lash Cleave" in conjunction with the coldflames. If your tanks have full threat, then you should be able to move into range without fear of being cleaved. But don't get me wrong, that lash hurts plenty and constant heals are needed for it. Ideally if you're waiting 'til 50% to cast, it's probably too late for both of them because each lash takes 30% and within the time a Light pops, your warrior tank will probably have cease to live by then (specially true if you take into account "Beacon Heal Lag").

    -Whirlwind should be handled by the raid healers if at all possible. Your big heals are also the most draining. If you find yourself dipping, of course prioritise yourself but your main priority is the tanks before anyone else. If you feel like you can't assist with small heals while you main task fails, stick with the main.

    It's basically a heal and tank check. One to see if the tanks can handle the damage. The other to see how much pressure you can deal after being a "reactive" healer for so long (Remember, avoidance dulled many healers perceptions on when to heal now or what to heal).
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    Not sure why it'd be falling apart with both bacon and 3 healers, that's a lot of healing in a fight for that fight where most of it should be just the tanks alone taking damage.

    If anything it must be a lot of people being retarded and standing in fires, especially during the whirlwind phase where he tends to drop them on top of people.
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