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Thread: Frost DW Tank for the first time...HALP!!!

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    Frost DW Tank for the first time...HALP!!!

    Okay so I tanked as blood forever, but now I am more and more interested in DW tanking as frost. But since switching to frost my HP is kinda low, and I want to make sure I have things set up right on my toon.

    Here is my armory profile, please hand up some advice.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

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    Only comment I would have is, I wouldn't put points in Scent of Blood and Chill of the Grave; 2 points in either one would be fine. I'd put a point in Death Chill and Icy Touch. Crit on demand and a slowing effect are helpful. I personally like Morbidity and found the quicker cool down very useful when I DW'd. To get here I only put 3 points in Killing Machine and it still procs often.

    Get used to the lower HP in Frost, but in return you can absord more punishment. I went back to a 2 handed weapon for my Frost spec last night after I picked up the sword off of Marrowgar, but really liked DW'ing.

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    yeah ur gonna lose HP from blood to frost i had to deal with the same thing But u get to take alot more dmg and more avoidance, and ur also geming for agi&hit etc.. if u wanna get ur HP up gem for meta then gem for Stam

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    Have to disagree w/ Theotherone, I prefer 3/3 SoB and 2/2 CotG as Frost DW. I've found RP regen as DW w/ SoB is faster.

    Maxed RP regen from those two talents lets you spam both RS and FS, while still having having RP for IBF and AMS when you need them. I found with that setup there's no more dead time in the rotation where you're waiting for rune cds or rp regen.

    DnD + Howling Blast (glyphed) + BB spam should negate the need for a the reduced DnD cd from Morbidity for AoE pulls (or does for me at least). Blood needs reduced cd on DnD, but not Frost.

    I do agree that you can drop points in Killing Machine to get those talents, though. It's still useful even at 3/5.

    I also prefer Hungering Cold (glyphed) to Death Chill. I used to use Death Chill, I'd hit a pack of mobs w/ a Death Chilled HB for even more frontloaded aoe threat. Then I tried Lichborne, and found it helpful on some fights like Paletress, but unfortunately not Onyxia since she fears so often that a single 2m cd won't help. Finally tried HC (glyphed) and liked its short cd and really nice AoE snare, very useful in oh-shit situations where taunt and DG are on cd and the heals or dps has aggro'd something. But try em all, figure it out for yourself.

    My DW spec and glyphs.
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