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Thread: warrior ....need a lil help with gemming

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    warrior ....need a lil help with gemming

    is arp the way to gem now ......have allways been told to gem str ....

    all so i think my dps is a lil low for the gear i have ....


    any input would be great ,,,thxs

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    try rawr:

    helps a lot to decide on gearing&gemming.

    • Import toon from armory
    • mark the items you own aside from the ones in your armory profile (or plan to get) in the righthand list
    • now you can run the gear optimizer engine and also allow it to regem and rawr will try to find an optimum gearset
    • hover your mouse over stats like armor penetration to see how far you are from soft-/hardcaps (e.g. if you use proctrinkets )

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