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Thread: Pvp ffa

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    Pvp ffa

    Well as the title suggests there is a pvp free-for-all afoot. Here are the details.

    There is a lucky person in our guild who has gotten two battered hilts and well since he has already done the quest once he wants to give one to the guild and what he came up with was a pvp free-for-all. You can be any spec you want to be, but you have to wear pvp gear and you have to come on the char you want to hilt on.

    Well Ive gone up against many groups of people on my priest and succeeded, but I have had mixed results on my warrior and its making me think about my spec selection. One would be the standard arms build, and the other would be a pvprot build with my dps gear and a sword and board.

    Here is the build for prot: Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    I didn't go with the rage reducing talents because I figured that I would be getting hit enough to not have to worry bout that, I also didnt get imp spell reflect because I wont need that since its a ffa. I was just wondering what yall thought about it.

    Oh and a few other things, there will be about 7-10 people including me there. Also, I am the highest rated pvper in my guild, but that was as arms and with a healer. There may be me and like 1 or 2 others in this tourney that are any kind of pvpers, but I cant not think about the others because of their numbers.

    If ya wanna see what my dps gear looks like here is my armory: The World of Warcraft Armory

    Im mainly leaning toward prot because of the increased survivability and I have a feeling that would be alot more helpful in this situation than being a glass canon. I also am pretty damn sure I may be the target that everyone focuses on in the beginning so I need a way to combat that as well.

    It may seem dumb, but I am really competitive. Its like a best of the retards kinda thing =P
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    I think probably would be your best choice if you're trying to basically outlast a group of others.

    On a related note I think a duel tournament would be a much fairer challenge to see who is the best player.

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    bribe another guildy to help u :P

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    Lol, Im not too good at bribery. I was actually making a prot build that had all the mitigation stats from the prot tree and then went to blood craze and 2 pts into CP. In theory it sounds good, but it may not be as good.

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    Sounds like a pretty unfair setup - but definitely I'd go with a pvp prot spec and develop dirty secret deals to focus certain people first to improve your chances of winning. Duel tourny would be better (but 1v1 is unbalanced and most likely if you know your guild you already know who's going to win).

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    lol it was fun, I actually ended up going home early for christmas (I am in college) and the internet here is crap, so I didnt really have a chance. We had a prot pally come in (prot dps) and he ended up winning the whole thing (damn op pallies lol) and since he didnt really like any of the weapons for tanking he gave it to me. Was pretty cool, we may end up making this a monthly thing.

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    Sounds like a gloriously chaotic and awesome event. I probably would have suggested to take your priest as disc, been messing around on a friends disc priest, and I must say i'm rather impressed at the capabilities.

    Pretty sure anyone who wanted to do an ffa would know it wouldn't be fair, thats part of the fun =)

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