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Thread: Looking for a Fair and Easy loot system.

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    There's no perfect loot system, honestly. Every system is going to have flaws and some pieces of loot are going to get distributed in ways that not everyone will agree with. That's just the way it is.

    Personally, I like DKP systems. I find them to be a reasonably fair way of ensuring that people who show up the most and perform consistantly get the tools they need to benefit the raid without being able to just hoard everything and discouraging everyone else.

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    I'd have to agree with EPGP. Simply put it is the fairest system out there that accomidates many factors. But like it's said before all systems have their flaws and there is no way to avoid all the set backs from any system. This thing with EPGP is the set back is "the boss just wont drop tank gear" so tanks raid priority faster for instance. But here are some points.

    1. Those that show up earn EP (effort points) from every raid showing the effort they put forth in the group to get you to whatever point your at.
    2. GP (Gear Points) get counted against an individual to insure that no one person can horde all the loot and it gets spread around (this ofcourse all depends on what the bosses drop)
    3. Those that show up on a casual basis will still eventually rise to the top of the list even without as much effort if you want to accomidate them.
    4. Decay you can set up once a week or whatever you decide will insure that eventually anyone who quits showing up or only shows up for the bosses they want can't horde onto their points and be automatically given a rare drop that someone else worked hard to get.
    5. New individuals who come into your guild will not find themselves at a never ending Peak of DKP to over come because someone was in the guild longer then them. Because gear recieved is divided by the Effort put into the raids eventually someone who has recieved a lot will get droped down in priority to allow other raid members a shot at a particular item.
    6. The list goes on and on

    Over all the EPGP system has automatic numbers generated based on rarity of items that drop off of bosses and the importants of that particular piece of gear to a players equipment. By using the built in system for priority it will insure that a person of equal standing if person A gets a belt out of TOC for instant and person B gets on out of ICC (both 10 or 25 mans) then Person A would be at the top of the list to get the next piece over person B given B gained a higher items/stat piece then person A.

    There is a ton of referance materials on this out there or if you'd like to chat with someone about this system who uses it I'd be happy to converse with you anytime. Feel free to hit me up on here or prevail.ysera@gmail.com

    Edit - One last thing to add is that with EPGP over some other systems it takes the personnel opinion out of the equation. Which I think we all can agree that we're all guilty at times to personnel opinion on deserving to gear distribution and other things. Even in a council system we can't all see or remember everything a persons done in a raid group to help get you where you are and on top of that many times people seem to go with the flow instead of being honest to avoid confict. If one person says A deserves over B then a lot of times just to avoid conflict they'll just agree and move on. Or if one person just don't like someone you again run into the problem.
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    Ive used SKG and DKP. There are a bunch of loot systems and variations of them to choose from but the short answer is all of them have problems. There is no real "fair" system out there. Loot Council is probably the closest but also has the highest chance for drama.

    The goal is to make it as simple and straight forward as possible. Have it posted on your guilds website in clear and easy to understand terms that way there is no confusion on how it works.

    Over the years of raid leading and being an officer I have found the following 3 things to be the core of a good loot system no matter which one you use:

    - Attendance
    It must be accounted for somehow. Your goal is to gear the raiders who attend the most and you foresee continuing that trend. That way the gear goes to active raiders who in turn progress the guild at a faster rate.

    - Ranks with a loot priority
    Its is generally a good idea. For example ours has:
    • GM
    • AGM
    • Officer
    • Raider
    • Member
    • Casual
    • Applicant
    Anyone Raider through GM has the same loot priority, which is the highest. Next are Members then Applicants. Casuals are last and generally not invited to raids.

    - Decay
    This is for raiders who were attending, but no longer are and have accumulated a high position or a high amount of points in any from. This way they cannot just jump back in and start taking items after an extended leave (like a month or more). Decay also prevents hoarding or position perching.

    Beyond those 3 you can add in all sorts of other stuff to tailor it to your guild.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Martie View Post
    The people showing up once a month get fewer shots at the gear. Apart from that, it's all in the roll.

    What you are saying is that the people showing up less don't deserve the loot. That's not quite true in my opinion. After all, they worked for their loot too, didn't they?

    Now, if they were being boosted through the dungeon, or if they are constantly screwing up because they couldn't be bothered to learn the fight, that's different.
    I disagree. A raiding guild is a team, and your main priority is progression, and playing as a group. Rewarding unstable members doesn't do as much for the group as a whole, since you'll have a harder time progressing and meeting the gear requirements for the next level of difficulty when they don't show up, and the person who could've been upgraded did.
    In a guild, you can't really think fair or unfair based on the individual as much as you would in other groups.

    Simply put, the more gear you give to someone, the more importance they'll end up having in a raid group. You don't really want to give that sort of responsibility to flaky individuals.

    You can't have people getting something for nothing. A raiding guild is -not- a PuG. You're a team, and you'll only move forward to do the hardest content as a team.
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    EPGP Wins in most situations hands down!!! As for Booking keeping, it is very minimal with Add-ons and is less troublesome than your current system.


    EPGP RELOADED- other than inital setup it is a self maintained addon only the Officers and Raid leaders need it.

    EPGPLOOTMASTER - All raiders/Raiding Members need to download it, It provides a pop-up for people to select need/Greed/pass. Gives you a table, in order of PR and the item can then be loot counciled if you like as it will also display currently equipped items. Random roll is also simulated. You can adjust GP values or distribute to enchanter to DE. Hands down the best addon, which makes our loot distribution as fast as the build-in WOW interface roll system.

    Only short fall is Pugging a few raiders to fill the raid, can be overcome but does complicate the simple loot distribution.

    Hope that helps!

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