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Thread: Yep nother am i rdy thread...

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    Yep nother am i rdy thread...

    Well, this is my first real post here at Tankspot, though long time lurker. I would like some input from the masses here on any more additional upgrades I should pursue prior to throwing my hat into Icc.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Some general insight..into whats there already. I am currently in the process of converting my old rare gems into epics. I took a 5 month break right before 3.2 came out and have roughly been back a month. Currenty, I am 24 frost from a new cloak if i dont manage to see a drop from Jarr this week. Also, im slow to replace my gloves do to lack of luck on a trophy. Beyond that any other incite would be appreciated.

    Also, what do tanks think about Titans Guard, Feldrics Wrist Chopper and Rimefang's Claw. (No luck in 6 Anub kills of a sword dropping yet, though obvious LM 10 has a vastly superious up then all 3 of these) Generally, I use Titan's Guard with Blood Draining, just got Rimefang's and didnt want to drop the $ on an equivalent enchant if it would be best to just wait for a more significant upgrade, opposed to a sidegrade from what I can tell between the 3.

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    You don't need expertise on your mittens.

    And what's the deal with the cut-rate leg enchant on your T9 pants?

    Take a look at the saronite swordbreaker crafted wrist and get your gems fixed. You also might want to pick up a threat spec to go with that survival spec you're using..otherwise, I don't see anything critical.

    As for frost emblems, the trinket might be a good upgrade and the cloak would be good too.

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    ya i know the leg enchant needs the epic verison.. ive been trying to prioritze money/farming for gain and on my server the 450+ gp difference for the rare leg vs epic leg lead me to go 10 less stm there to go with converting gems elsewhere. Definately, on the list of things to upgrade though.

    I would assume armor to gloves and cloak would be the preferable enchants. Also, my first big purchases with frost are going to be Cloak then Trinket. No luck on a scarab.. though will take a while for 110 frost emblems till my guild can start clearing some ICC bosses.

    I thought bout dual spec'ing to a tps build again like i was in Naxx/Ulduar.. currently my guild has 4 paladin tanks and myself. So I am general only priorty tanking on bosses and can maintain 7k-7.5k tps. Though I'm often asked to go Fury os as we dont have much in the way of melee dps for raids.

    Thanks for the input though.. much appreciated.

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    Armor is a good option, or Armsman but it sounds like you're not being thrown into fights with sensitive threat.

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