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Thread: What stats for Heroics?

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    What stats for Heroics?

    Hi everyone.

    I was wondering what HP a pally tank needs before stepping foot into a heroic?
    I have 536 Def skill right now. Any other stats I should worry about?

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    Honestly? 25k HP is fine.

    Problem is, most people will refuse a tank with anything less then 30k. It's silly, but thats how it is usually (unless you can find willing groups who are also undergeared and unable to get into heroics).

    I'd suggest getting Stamina on your wrists instead of Expertise. And at least a Weapon Chain on your mace. And armour patch your legs.

    Oh, and max out Mining. That'll help as well.

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    The hardest heroics right now are the 3 new ones and TotC. All of those are more about execution than the stam of the tank and 25K is really no reason for panic. But as Durando said, people might find it on the lowish side, as they've been spoiled by 40K tanks.

    Then again, the random dungeon finder makes a very good job of matching you with people of similar gear, so if you use that tool, you'll probably end up with groups where this wont be an issue.

    PS: Just as a fun note, last night several of my guildies joined a pug VoA25 where the tank had 32K hp fully raidbuffed. Koralon hits decently hard and stam actually becomes a factor. Despite some lols / wipes, they did clear the place. It's all about the team

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    As Durando said stay away from the new 3 heroic dungeons till better geared there is alot of unavoidable damage. However the normal version of these drops good gear and badges although I would leave HOR out again till a bit better geared.
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    You're specced and glyphed properly, your gear is somewhat low level but certainly good for heroics. Heck your gear is even fully enchanted (except for the weapon, I'd just throw a weapon chain on there for now). You're plenty geared for the old heroics and probably H ToC/the new 5 mans on normal difficulty.

    I only have a few critiques:

    - Pick up the libram from Venture Bay until you have enough emblems of triumph to get the nice dodge one. It kinda sucks, but it's better than your current one.

    - Work on your professions. I know mining is incredibly boring, and blacksmithing is a pain in the ass, but the extra stamina that both professions provide is a huge boost.

    And, that's about it. There's a nice stamina trinket in H AN, you should try queueing up for that. Depending on what the raid weekly is, you should consider doing it - if it's something easy that is (the two raid weeklys on my server, for instance, were Razorscale and Anub'Rekhan, both absurdly easy bosses that you could tank no problem).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fledern View Post
    Then again, the random dungeon finder makes a very good job of matching you with people of similar gear, so if you use that tool, you'll probably end up with groups where this wont be an issue.
    I wish I could agree with this statement here...not saying it's not true but I have been in some absolutely HORRID teams with the dungeon finder. I pugged a random heroic with 37.7k unbuffed HP and a 2600 gearscore (according to wow-heroes) and I did 2800 dps, and like 2.6 million overall damage. Rest of my group comprised of a warlock at 1650 dps, a fury warrior at 1400 dps, a hunter (not sure of spec) at 1100, and my tree druid was at 1100 dps because the rest of the crew sucked so bad he had to step in!. Whether or not I just happened to get paired with 3 dps who all decided to let their grandma play that instance I don't know...but I'm pretty sure the system is slightly flawed.

    At any rate back to the subject at hand :-) I think you are more then geared to start doing heroics, the only thing that is a bit scary with the random heroic is you can get thrown into H HoR (assuming you've done the first two on regular); which I don't care who you are...as a tank that place SUCKS. I do have to agree with the other statements about leveling your professions...450 mining gives you an extra 60 stamina, and once you hit 400 blacksmithing you can add sockets to gloves and bracers. Toss in 2 +30 stam gems and there's 120 extra stam from professions only. As far as getting rings goes, there is a nice avoidance ring that drops out of H ToC, which can be amazingly simple or retardedly ricockulous. Pretty much the rest of the upgrades you can get are going to be from Heroic badges or doing the new instances on normal and heroic. (Normal Halls of Reflection has a nice shield, but a crazy low drop rate)

    It's nice to see a pally tank that reminds me of myself when I hit 80 and started trying to gear up with heroics.
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