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Thread: PVE Arms Warrior In WG

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    PVE Arms Warrior In WG

    i jump in WG often for the gold and spend the honor on Gems

    I stack arp and use arp trinks to proc 100% ish and use no pvp gear at all

    Ive found myself ruining quite alot of horde opponents quite quickly with 10k executes and BS on procs
    Especially when my mate comes along to heal me

    Am i just getting lucky, i thought with no pvp gear i shud be losing more fights than winning?

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    WG chances are most people aren't wearing pvp gear either so you're going pve vs. pve, and with a healer, warriors are pretty potent. Wearing all pve gear even against a well geared pvp person, you'll hurt them pretty badly, but they should melt you if they know what they're doing. It's a balance.

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    Agreed, you have to take kills in WG with a grain of salt, between the pve gear, the uneven numbers and the tenacity, anything could happen

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    Yeah, I'm usually in my pvp gear, as Arms, in WG, and sometimes people will actually try to run away from me...other times, I become a Rogue magnet, and die the death of a thousand backstabs, or whatever it is they call it...

    I generally have more success there, in my tank gear...I don't kill as many, but I sure do frustrate a bunch of 'em! (Especially that Rogue, who makes even one false move...heh, heh)

    I have more fun, in Shadow Priest, though...I wish I coulda filmed that insane matchup I had with a Mage, once...musta been 2 minutes or more we went at it, and we both died together!!

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