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Thread: Where can I go from here?

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    Where can I go from here?

    *EDIT* I changed out my helm and broke up my 4p bonus. Traded a nice chunk of expertise for some hit rating, going to find out if that helped.

    I've been able to make great strides in iLevel gear but I still feel like there's something wrong. In heroics when I'm not fighting for threat over aoe or someone focusing on a off-target (becoming VERY hard as of late) I'm fighting for survival and easing the healers job. I'm watching recount a lot and the damage-incoming totals and get freaked when (on the bigger pulls) I see 100k+ incoming (yes, even popping cooldowns) and that is not even the newest heroics and yes I have decent dpsers. When I'm in a raid I seem to be much more comfortable (aside from that threat concern).

    I don't want to sound like I'm answering my own question but, I do know I ride the expertise requirement low and is that my problem? My spec, or is my overall mitigation a problem? I'm not sure what I should be running for to help my character the most. Think I could get away with getting into an ICC 10 run? I just know I never liked having to take more then double my health in healing on content I greatly out gear.
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