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Thread: tanking icc

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    tanking icc

    can a DK tank ICC i ask because i'm trying to figure out how the dodge debuff will affect me will i need more HP than say a a pally or a warrior to tank it and any advice on gear to get to be able to tank it i feel my hp is a little low i'm working on replaceing my parry gem in my hands with a dodge or agi gem or but i feel its a good idea to ask advice fom anyone whos run icc or knows more about the mechanics of most of it than i do i've only been in trash farms to get the ring

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    The dodge debuff is not as important as you think. It simply reduces your total dodge by 20%, the only real side effect is less Rune Strikes (but they recently upped the threat generated by Rune Strike to deal with that).

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    but won't the less amount of dodges reduce my effective health and make me harder to heal??

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    First off, it affects the other tank classes as well so this is no special problem for DKs only.

    Secondly they have done this change to actually make healing a bit easier, less huge spikes than we see with plenty of avoidance.

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    I tanked ICC 10 and i had no issues with threat or major issues with survivability when the fight was excuted correctly.

    Marrowgar hits hard but that has already been reduced.

    Amory is down when i'm writing this post i ran with about 37-38K unbuffed HP.

    Some tips,

    Marrowgar, it's easier if you got a hunter MD it back to you or the other tank. Always stand on top of each other when pulling it back with either DC or DnD. be sure to be within a few yards of the other tank. If not have a CD ready it's advisable to rotate cd's anyhow to make the life of your healers easier, if your healer gets spiked then is a good time to use one aswel.

    Be careful when pulling it back so others don't get hit by the cleave but to be fair they shouldn't be standing in the path between you and it to start with.

    Second boss, deathchill is the name i believe, fairly easy on 10 man incase you have plenty of dps. Adherents shouldn't require a tank only interrupt them to pull them out of DnD for melee dps.
    Fanatics, if you got a mage to steal the buffs they don't hit that hard, never drag them thru melee dps as they cleave. Disformed fanatics, use Ice chains (note this spell now works on multiple targets at once) to root them to kite them and let ranged deal with them, although you can tank them it's not recommended.

    Second phase interrupt as often as possible and just swap on the debuff, easiest fight in there.

    Fight 3, You can't tank saurfang(don't know what the alliance dude is called) as long as other tanks, i noticed a paladin could take about 14 buffs on him, i could barely do 11 so on that duty make sure you jump back with the rest quick enough if you're attacking.

    Defending pretty easy keep aoe agro up near the portal on new spawns and kite from rockets, while the rest of the team does all the work.

    Fight 4, Pretty easy taunt and tank fight, only one thing refrain from using cleave and AoE attacks on the add spawns. that means no dnd, hb, bb, heart/blood strike when they pop up just DS, RS and diseases make this very clear to the other tank that they stop attacking on the swap near adds, as you'll probably have to do the same otherwise they will pull agro back obviously.

    I can't be more precise then this on fights.
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    You can hold out a bit longer as attacking tank on the gunship battle if you make clever use of your CD's, Vamperic Blood is king there, especially when your dps is burning down the mage, and you have to hold out a bit longer then you originally planned for.

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