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Thread: Looking for some advice- Warrior Tank

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    Looking for some advice- Warrior Tank

    Hey guys. I was wondering if i could get some critique on my tank.


    What im looking for is help on rounding him out a bit. I know im over on defense, the shield and chest enchant have to go. Gems i've switched up recently and dropped the +hit i had and went with more stamina. The weapon enchant is just a weapon chain, but im up in the air as to what to put on it.

    Gear wise im not doing too bad, obviously there are plenty of upgrades from HTOC that i dont have. And not for lack of trying but the raiding level of the guild lacks a bit on heroic mode.

    Survivability isnt an issue for the most part and threat gen is just where it needs to be. Im really looking to see if there is anything i can do better and what better place to ask
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    your link isnt working for me...

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    Not too bad overall.

    Spec: You are missing ATtT which is a critical shortcoming in my book.

    Glyphs: Devastate>Sunder

    Gear: Generally in pretty good shape here.

    I'm not a huge fan of your Etrigan's Oath trinket and I'd go with headplate of the honorbound over the t9 hat. I also don't know if I'd go with a straight dodge gem in your hat. Your health pool is on the low side of viable for heroic ToC25.

    As for weapon enchant - the chain needs to go. I'd take blade warding if you're working on heroic ToC or blood draining if you're looking at ICC.

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    I'd say blood draining for ToC too. T9 is fine, honorbound isn't that much better really. It should be a dodge/stam gem though.

    30stam/15 resil to shoulders
    225 armor to cloak
    275 HP to chest
    DEFINITELY replace eitrigg's oath. Pick up The Black Heart if you've got nothing else, it's a very good trinket.
    I prefer Tuskarr's Vitality to boots, the runspeed is very nice
    DEFINITELY spec into Armed to the Teeth
    Enchant gloves with 240 armor.
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    Thanks for the tips so far. I appreciate it and will be changing some things.
    I do have AtTT, i had switched to another prot spec and didnt realize it wasnt on there. my other on has it. Armory just caught me with it on that one.

    I did just get the legs off Marrowgarr 25 reg last night and will be gemming and enchanting those tonight.

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