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Thread: Am i geared enough to tank ICC

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    Am i geared enough to tank ICC

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    It's not a question of gear mate, but whether you know what to do.

    ICC is very tank intensive in terms of being able to react to threats, and grab aggro quick.

    A few examples are stacking on Morrowgar, picking up agg on him after a transition, and having good spacial awareness for Deathwhisper.
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    There is always a question of gear when you are a tank and I would say not just yet mate, but there are some quick resolutions to get you to a point where you are ok. Farm some heroics and pick up some T9, get the ToC bracers made and even the ulduar crafted belt/boots will give you an easy accessible and neccessary boost to survivability.

    I would say maybe try ICC 10, I know marrowgar was nerfed so he might not be as bad now, not 100% sure as I killed him pre-nerf.

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    Good gear and cooldown management are what allow you to be a lazy bastard like me and not bother to kite the Deformed Fanatics

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    You're definitely fine for 10man but you're setup is pretty much the bare minimum for 25man.

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