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Thread: DK DPS - Which has higher potential?

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    DK DPS - Which has higher potential?

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    Currently, I'm using a 2h frost spec and it makes up for the lack of the permanent ghoul I used pretty much since I rolled my DK. However, I really like the looks of DW, and have a couple of moderately tolerable, get-me-by sort of weapons in my bank. My DPS doesn't change much between the two specs as they stand right now. The question is which has the greater potential to really get nasty on the DPS charts? I'm usually first to third on Recount, depending on the group composition at about 3500 single target DPS, but I want to churn out every last possible point of damage I can! HALP!!
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    1. DPS depends on more facts than just the specc...

    With frost specc you will put out some nasty burst aoe damage...if that is your goal, choose so.

    With unholy specc you will put out HUGE (with that recent aoe nerf, our unholy DKs tend to be at the first ranks) amounts of aoe damage, but needs some time to tick (diseases + wandering plague), if you want that, take it.

    With blood spec you will put out mostly physical and single target dmg (frost and even more unholy, have a focus on magical dmg). You have your burst phase with dancing rune weapon and hysteria up, which pushes your dmg up to arcane mages with cds active. When cds wear off, you will do a bunch less, but in most fights you can burst at least twice with drw and hysteria (and one time drw only), which should give you good numbers.

    But remember this: if you know how 2 play...you can put out nice amounts of aoe dmg with blood specc and good single target dmg with frost and unholy

    2. I tested DW with the DK and I think there is no difference, except the fact, that you need to talent deep frost...which is the weakest specc in dps at the moment, in my opinion.

    3. A big fat 2 hander looks always nicer ^_^

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    I haven't gotten the chance to play with a 2hander as strong as my two 1handers, but I do really good sustained single target DPS as DW Frost. I'm always in the top 3 in 10man and top 5 in 25 man.

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    All 3 dps specs for Death Knights are viable and capable of pulling great numbers. Blood 2H with enough arpen is still the strongest IMO, with Unholy 2H and Frost DW slightly behind it.

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