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Thread: resto shammy needs some help

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    resto shammy needs some help

    looking for some advice to help on boosting my characters potential gear gem enchants ect. Can someone knowledgeable on resto shaman critique the hell out my toon don't be gentle

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    Your spec and glyphs are great, your gear is mostly fantastic - get rid of those spirit rings (do you have enough Ashen Verdict rep for one of those?) and get a decent trinket to replace Binding Light (as far as mana trinkets go, Binding Light is extremely poor - not that you should need a second mana trinket at your gear level). I'd consider Tears of the Vanquished to be a superior trinket to Binding Light, to be honest. I'd try replacing it with a throughput trinket, though, as you likely won't need the extra mana.

    What other trinkets are available to you?

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