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Thread: really need some Single target help

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    really need some Single target help

    Allright so i aint doing BAD.. my dps on mulitple targets is ofc really good...

    i havde seen and tryed out everything.. but still it feels like i'm doing something horribly wrong on single targets and boss fights.. i'm about 1-1,2 k dps behind our other fury warrior in the raid.. and i out gear him by far..

    my rotation is

    Whirlwind → Bloodthirst → instant Slam if i have a Bloodsurge proc → Bloodthirst→ instant Slam repeat.

    Is it my gear ? is it my rotation ? is it my gemming/enchanting?

    i believe i need to gem for more arp tho

    thanks in advance :P

    Edit: for some reason armory fails to show my MH wich is quel delar sword (267 dps)

    ps for the record when we startet doing ulduar(when it was released) i was kinda the top dps,.. and now i'm just getting nailed QQ more plx

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    You're logged out in Prot gear right now so I can't take a look at your gear / enchantments / gems.

    Do you have a parse from a raid? I can't tell you anything about your rotation without one.

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