This list is made for the casual raider. A person who will clear 10 and 25 man ICC but who won't be able guarantee 10H or 25H ICC clears. It is a list of items I feel are the best fit arranged by slots.

I'm looking from the warrior-tank perspective, and so several items might be higher priority for Paly or DK tanks.

How did I come up with this priority list? I feel there are 3 very thin lines a tank has to balance between. One is the "Meat shield" you have to take the punches and the more you can take, the bigger, the faster and the longer you live the more time you are buying for your raid to do what needs to be done. No, no your dps is important but next to a 10K arcane mage your 2K does seems small

Two is threat, unless the big-bad-dragon is pissed at you and you only, you can't do your job and so I prioritize expertise, armour, extra sockets over hit.

Third is how hard are you to heal, 90% avoidance and 10K health sucks... I would love to have 25% avoidance 35-40K armour and 50-90K Healthpool... but till that time comes I feel that a healthy mixture of avoidance and armour stats is the right direction before you have enough gear to min/max. I tried to look at Str as much as other secondary stats, since there is no Block value on any of the gear. I found that having 2.2-2.6K SBV is where block start to matter (save lives).

A lot on how you gear should be depended on your raid, if you have high burst type of group, you should gear and spec for high cool downs so you can survive while the dps resets between bursts... if you have a tree healer you want slow incoming damage so the hots can do their job... etc.

One of the best pieces, the T10.25 is... I would get it ^.^
T10.25 > Dw25

I take 10ICC neck from Mg over both 25ICC mostly for the stat distribution and socket, extra armour is great but I have not seen anything in the first wing that would scream for Armour stacking...
Mg10 > Va25 > RF25

Tricky... the extra sockets is appealing but the tier ones are not much off.. comparable?
T10.25 >= GS25 > BP10

Less a socket but all stats pointed towards survivability, Dodge DR is going to make you cry but this is what blizz gave us to work with ....
10.25 > Rf25 > badge

Badge cloak is where you get your first set of extra armour and unless you clear either TGoC with 50 attempts I would consider it BiS (unless you can ninja one from H 25ICC)
badge > BP25 > Fg10

the choices aren't spectacular... good upgrade.
Mgr25 > Sf10

I would get the T10.25 if you have an extra token and you are running for 4pc, but I feel that the other two choices are much stronger as such.
BP25 >= badge >= T10.25 > QL

Fg25 > Va10

The T10.25 pants has not impressed me and they are very comparable to Mg25 ones, less a socket ... the crafted ones are sexy though
crafted > T10.25 >= Mg25 > Sf10

Va25 > Sg10

The moment you can get you AV rep to rev this ring becomes a permanent addition, otherwise you will have to juggle, there is a lot of hit rating....
Rep (rev+)
Va25 > Dw25 > GS10

as a warrior tank, your ability to deal with magic damage is somewhat hindered, T8 4pc ... yeah two seasons ago, the resist will make you a bit more feasible to tank magic damage dealing mobs.
Sg25 > Badge > GS10

Here is my thing... if the proc is up 90-95% of time while you swing this is a sweet weapon if its up less then 60% of the time, i would be wondering....
Pc10 > Mg10

QL25 > GS10 (speciality shield)

trash25 > Va10 (speciality)

Specialty are sets of SBV,SBR sets, and I am yet to see anything suggesting that blizzard wants to make Shield Blocking warriors a viable way to play.... not till cataclysm.

If you are trying for the 2pc T10.25 I say Helmet and Chest, then shoulders, and if you get crafted pants then gloves ... again I'm not to keen on the T10.25gloves, I see them as the weakest out of the set.

How to spend badges?
If you have some gear from ToC 245ilvl and what not see which pieces is your weakest, if you are still running with two dodge trinkets a stam trinket might be the way out, if you are missing a cloak the badge one is there for grabs... I don't see one clear way to gear... One has to keep in mind that the wings will get released on a delay so it will be 3 more weeks before you can even try your luck with rotface's loot table.... Good luck and I will try to clean this up over the next couple days.

Items which were missing from have been linked to