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Thread: [A] Arygos <Noble Assembly> recruiting raiders

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    [A] Arygos <Noble Assembly> recruiting raiders

    Noble Assembly of Arygos (alliance) is looking for more dedicated and experienced raiders for Icecrown Citadel. We recruit directly for our 10 man raids. All raiders participating in ten man content progression are invited to participate in weekly 25 man raids.

    Need a holy paladin for 10 man ICC & TOC raid group (Tue & Fri 9:00pm server time)

    Need healer of any class for 10 man ICC & TOC raid group (Fri & Sun 8:00pm server time)

    Need tank and ranged dps for 10 man ICC & TOC raid group (Wed & Sat 11:45pm server time)

    25 man raid schedule includes ICC (Sat 9:00pm server time) and Weekly Raid Quest farm run (Wed 9:00pm server time). All ten man progression raiders are invited, but not required, to participate in the 25 man content.

    Please whisper Soulburner in game, mail soulburner *at* na-arygos.com, or visit Noble Assembly for more information or to apply.
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