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Thread: Any changes to our gear for ICC?

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    Any changes to our gear for ICC?

    Sorry if this has a 20 pages post already, I'll admit I didn't do my searching like a good boy.

    But has it been any discussion about block and it's importance for us warriors in ICC with the dodge debuff? I've been avoiding block since early Ulduar since it didn't give much unless you had it all sorta, but now with the dodge nerf, would it be efficient to start using block to mitigate some of the unavoidable damage?


    Edit, also I'm sorry if this belongs in the "HALP" section.

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    Bosses still swing for as much as they did in ICC and Block doesn't change that, most of the time full avoidance is better.
    It also provides 0 certainty, unlike armor/HP, making it undesired for EH as well.

    Conclusion: It'll probably (hopefully) be more useful in Cataclysm, but atm you don't really want to gear for it.
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    Just go with EH unless you are on Gunship captain or Saurfang, even then though on those in normal mode you can still stack EH and do fine.

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