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Thread: warrior problems

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    warrior problems

    Hi all my first post here and my english is not that good so i am sorry for having a spelling mistakes.
    O.k i am a warrior lvl 80 with good gear i am both arms spec in pvp and pve as well, my issue is that i thinking about changing to pve fury insted of arms
    from the following reason:
    1. i cant interapt in arms as far as i know except fear that its problematic to do in raids and changing in the middle of the fight to furry is not exceptable
    by me coz of losing to much rage.
    2. bladestorm is taking to much treath i cant use it in the new Hc without taking agrro from the tank (in raids its less problematic)

    also is fury having a better dps scoure now with the new gear of 3.3
    or its still the same +/-
    what is the haste limit for arms/furry
    and do i need more then 8% hit raiting?
    also what addons do you guys use in order to make life easer for your warrior char

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    Okay first :

    Your first question i don't understand what you are asking here ? Since you cannot change spec mid fight but only when out of combat.

    Your second question is you can do 2 things here give the tank a head start, and then pop bladestorm, i know you probebly want to pop bladestorm straight away to get all procs up. Let the warrior tank check his rotation i have no problem what so ever to keep aggrro over my 2 ARMS warriors bladestorming my target.

    I haven't checked out how Fury is in 3.3 but i was always a Big fan of Fury since i levelled 76 levels with it but have an offspec arms now till i get my second 2 hander from ICC >=). Main spec for me is tanking. For my knowledge in Fury the cap is still

    At level 80 with 3 points in Precision you need 361 hit to never miss a special/yellow attack.

    At level 80 with 2 points in Weapon Mastery you need 148 expertise rating for your attacks not to be dodged.

    And you don't want to stack Haste as arms or fury warrior try stacking in random order .

    +str / +crit / +ArP
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    ShadowBumble, Warrior Tank ( Retired )

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    warrior problems

    1. i meant for changing stance on the first question sorry.
    2. about the bladsorm the only way i could use it without taking agrro is to wait till the mobs get to less then 50% hp.
    most of the time i am trying to give the tank 5 sec to take agrro (most of the time they dont need more then that less i use Bladestorm)
    3. do u know what is the score for arms on hit cap, as well as in arpa, i am trying to avoid haste right now i am stock with really high haste witch is sucks due to rouge/druid gear as clock and neck.
    i also put most of my gems on arpa instead of strength.
    i will put in the later my armory and i would be happy if you could give me some tips that i miss i am not posting it now cos i am on pvp gear so its not very helpful.

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    1. I still dont understand your question. Do you want to break out of fears? Berzerker rage is now usable in any stance so you dont need to do any stance dancing to break fear. Or do you want to be able to move about, you have intercept instead of charge in berserker stance which you can improve with Heroic Fury (though you'd do well to spend the talent point elsewhere for pve)

    2. If your bladestorm still pulls aggro after the tank does tclap+shockwave or diseases+pestilance or etc etc, then there isnt much you can do - get a better geared tank My fury warrior friend does pull aggro from me but then he starts off with whirlwind & does upwards of 8K dps on dungeon trash

    3. Hit cap is the same for all melee: 8% for monowield and/or special attacks vs a mob 3 levels higher than you, reduced by talents & racials. 27% for dual wield white hits. The precision talent will lower that by 3%, draenei racial by another 1% if you have one in your party. Armorpen cap is rather detailed & there's a good post by Blizzard detailing the mechanic but overall you want to get to 100% naturally. That's a pretty decent attempt for arms as you can get to 50%ish easily and fill up the rest with one of those amazing trinkets (Grim Toll / Mjolnir Runestone / Needle somethin). For fury, i found straight up STR gemming beats Armorpen hands down for my personal gear setup though i dont shy away from Armorpen on gear

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    first thanks alot for helping me
    2. when i talking about intercept i mean as pammel for example many times you need to break a spell for a caster or something simular and i dont know about any spell break except fear.
    3. what was the mechanic thing that you talked about its sound useful can u give me some more data about it

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    I think he is asking if there's a good way to interrupt casts as an Arms Warrior. The simple answer is "there isn't a good way."

    You have two (possibly three) ways of interrupting as arms.

    1. Make a macro that equips a shield and casts shield bash then re-equips your 2 hander (wastes GCDs)

    2. Make a macro that switches you to Berserker Stance, casts Pummel, switches back to Battle Stance (wastes GCDs)

    (3. Getting far enough away to Charge/Intercept - wastes time and/or GCDs)

    The long and short of it is that if you're Arms and are asked to interrupt let people know that there's not a good way for you to do it. Interrupting as Arms either wastes GCDs or time and messes up your rotation in a major way. If there's nobody else to do it you may have to bite the bullet and swallow your pride and let your DPS dip down.

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