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Thread: Warrior Aoe threat help/suggestions

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    Warrior Aoe threat help/suggestions

    Hi so i am new to 80 i have been 80 for about 3ish weeks and i am enjoying tanking very much. but i find myself having issues trying to tank more then 3 mobs. i usally open up with a charge then hit the main target with a shield slam then start tabing through targets following the rotaition i found both http://www.puppetartists.com/Portals...otation_V2.jpg using the addon hafez-tank-o-matic to help reminds me of what my best option is but i still find that by the time i make it to the 4th or 5th add the dps usally casters have put upwards of 20k threat and by the time i get that one back under control they have pulled another one or two so i am looking for help/ suggestions that may help me fix this my armory can be found here=> The World of Warcraft Armory <= any tricks or tips that would help would be greatly appreciated (also i wasnt sure if i should change out the dodge+stam out for Str+stam or not or if there was another better choice i should be getting o0)

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    For aoe tanking you need to change glyphs a bit.Put glyph of sunder and glyph of cleaving.Spam cleave,tclap,demo,shockwave and devastate,ss on proc.Get aloft(or something like that) nameplates and that way you will easy see on what mob you are loosing aggro.Also put vig on high dmg dealer.I also use mouse over taunt macro for faster taunt.

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