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Thread: Feral Tank Stats

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    Feral Tank Stats

    So the Feral tank in my guild says with the new patch, he needs ArP, for what reason i don't know, and i'm a rogue on loot council, and i would give it to him for the sake of progression, but, does he REALLY need it, or is he just BSing me? I think he's spec into having lots of agi for dodge instead of sta, so I'm wondering what are the major stats for ICC is, so i can make the right choice.

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    ARP is our worst tanking stat, but blizzard shoved it on everything in such an absurd amount that you really have very little choice.

    Check out http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f97/5...slot-list.html those are really the only items he should be going for.

    But as I have pointed out blizzard did it right this time around, there is only 1 of each in 25 man of leather belts boots and bracers so you just have to take what blizzard gives you.

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