Charge has been behaving strangely in 3.3, but I haven't seen anybody else complain about it and the one person I asked personally didn't notice anything, so maybe it's my imagination.

I typically pull trash packs like this: target the closest one, Heroic Throw, strafe back toward the group, Charge, wait a second for the others in the pack to catch up (or jump in the middle), Thunder Clap.

I call this the "slingshot". I perfected this technique early in the expansion as a way to get rage from Charge on the pull without racing ahead of healers and DPS (e.g. you can pull trash to them while they're drinking). It's not really an issue any more, but I keep doing it out of habit.

Since 3.3 it seems like you Charge the one and as soon as it gets stunned the others in the pack just stand there until the stun wears off, then keep coming. I don't think they're being stunned, they just kind of wait politely for the point man to snap out of it.

Has anybody else noticed this, and are there any theories as to what changed? I thought maybe it was a bug related to the pathing problem that has already been acknowledged.