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Thread: Multipurpose mouseover macros

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    Multipurpose mouseover macros

    Apologies if the answer to this question is in an obvious place. I'm trying to figure out how to macro several things into my spells.

    1. I want to be able to mouseover a party/raid frame or a character's avatar to cast. But when I'm not mousing over anything I still want to be able to cast on my selected target.

    2. When I'm targeting or mousing over a hostile target, I want to use a harmful spell.

    3. When I'm targeting or mousing over a friendly target, I want to use a helpful spell.

    The macros I've been using for a long time now have been things like

    /cast [harm] Smite; Flash Heal

    I want to include a mouseover function in there too. I tried making it look like

    /cast [@mouseover,nodead,exists] [harm] [@target] Smite; Flash Heal

    But it didn't work.

    I know I need to have @mouseover, @target, harm, and help in there somewhere. I just don't know how to write it properly. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. I'm not going to use Clique because I'm going to use this same macro functionality in other things with other classes, so I want to learn how to do it right.

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    This is what I use.

    /cast [@mouseover,exists] Chain Heal; Chain Heal
    Structure is pretty simple. Cast Chain Heal at your mouseover if one exists, otherwise cast Chain Heal. The game assumes you are directing the second Chain Heal at your current target.

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    /cast [@mouseover,nodead,exists] [harm] [@target] Smite; Flash Heal

    you just have the harm in the wrong place.

    this will try to cast smite on any mouseover target... good or bad.
    if no mouse over, it will try to cast smite at your target good or bad, and living or dead.
    the only way it will cast flash heal ( on you ) is if you have no target and no mouse over.

    /cast [@mouseover,exists,harm,nodead][@target,exists,harm,nodead] Smite; [@mouseover,exists,help,nodead][@target,exists,help,nodead][target=player] Flash Heal

    it should
    1)look for a living badguy in mouseover, cast smite,
    2)if 1 doesn't work, look for living badguy targeted, cast smite,
    3)if 1&2 don't work, look for living goodguy in mouseover, cast flash heal
    4)if 1-3 don't work, look for a living goodguy targeted, cast flash heal
    5)if 1-4 don't work, cast flash heal on you.

    you can replace [target=player] with [] but you might end up with a glowing cursor waiting to cast flash heal on the next thing you click on ... depends on your UI settings for autoself cast.

    with the ? icon and the #showtooltip .. the icon should change back and forth depending on your target or mouseover.

    /cast [@mouseover,exists] Chain Heal; Chain Heal

    this will probably not cast anything if your moused over a badguy.
    /cast macros fire of a spell, the first time the conditions are met...

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