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Thread: I think I need help, starting from the bottom up.

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    I think I need help, starting from the bottom up.

    So I've been playing the game off and on for about a year now. Right now I have three level 80 toons that I've been running some basic five man instances with. I'm having just some basic the fact that I suck. And out loud also.

    Basically, I think I know very little about the game mechanics. When going through the dungeon, I can barely ever tell whats going on. Mostly I've only been doing dps, and heals.
    This is my Dk. I've been doing dps with him regularly, just gaining new gear and frosties. Now granted, I know some of the obvious problems. He isn't gemmed properly, his professions aren't maxed, and he needs a little bit better gear. I'm having problems mechanics wise. Right now the only add-on I'm using x-pearl, completely unaltered.

    When running a five man I have trouble telling whats going on and keeping track of my targets. Just at the beginning of the dungeon, all I do is set the tank to /focus, and when starting dps, I just give the tank a second to build aggro, then send my pet in, and go through my rotation. I'm not sure if this is proper or not. I just want to be sure that I'm attacking the proper target. on the occasion I pull aggro, but I stop all dps and wait for it to be pulled off of me before going.
    This is my main. I've been doing heals with him. The only addon I use with this is grid. usually i don't have a problem, but sometimes when I need to go fast, it ends kind of badly. but usually with a decent tank I don't have to really worry about much. I really want to start doing high end raiding, going through icc and everything, and I just want to make sure I'm doing everything correctly. Alot of people have suggested healbot. I have it downloaded, but I don't have it set up.
    This is the toon I really want to tank with. I have absolutely no experience with it whatsoever. I know I have his def at 540 which is a good start. I've also read up about the 6,9 rotation. But the major problem I have is....I click. I have no key binding set up at all, and I have no idea how to do it. I think there are just a lot of little things that are real basics about the game that I know nothing about. When tanking, are you supposed to periodically change targets? Or keep the same target in a trash mob?

    Maybe a basic guide that encompasses all basic elements of the game would be good. I've always just used the mouse to attack, and sometimes I've got the feeling thats not fast enough. Its so odd that I'm still so newbie.

    I just want to improve my game. Maybe if what I'm saying makes sense, and you have some pointers you can give me about anything I've brought up, I would appreciate it hearing anything you have to say.

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    Hi there, I'm Jack, and I hope that I can offer a little bit of help to you.

    In terms of your DK, you should be able to quite comfortably do any amount of AoE that you want, but if you think you're over-aggroing too much, or you're worried that you might be shouted at, or whatever, for what you do in dungeons, just attack the tanks current target. Pretty much for all classes, the tanks current target will be the one he or she has the highest threat against. Just target the tank (or in your case, click your focus frame), and hit your 'Target target's target' (that's a mouthful), which is "F" by default, and begin carnage with an oversized axe against it.

    GRID versus HealBot is a discussion (or an argument) I often have with guild mates. My GM swears by HealBot, and I swear equally by GRID. In my personal point of view, I prefer using GRID because of its variety of styles and customization options, and its combination with Clique makes your healing your own; the key/mouse combinations you use can be configured with a GRID and Clique combo. While this is probably also attainable with HealBot, you should do whatever feels most comfortable to you, and what helps YOU do what you need to do. If there's one thing I've learned playing WoW, its that people do not often know what they're talking about.

    As for tanking, I have not personally had enough experience with tanking, I much prefer healing. Hopefully some other kind soul can save you on this point. Good luck, and hope I helped,


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    I certainly takes some time to learn the game. Here are some suggestions:

    Check out and for some help with gems gear and enchants. These site will give you a quick check and tell you if you have some crappy enchants. is a good site to check for good talent specs.

    As for addons:

    Bartender is a must have, it's easy to configure and lets you make keybindings by hovering over a button on a toolbar and press the keys you want to bind to it. Gatherer is a must have, Auctioneer also, some specific addons for each class like I use one on my DK to tell me when my Runes are up.

    Looking at your Pally, I think you should put your badges into getting the triumph emblem shoulders and rings, those will help you alot. You are hit capped so that is pretty good. How are you doing when tanking? Holding threats on all mobs? That's pretty much the bar I think, as long as you hold threat and don't go down to fast(Pulling more than the group can handle), the rest should be dps and healers job.

    DPS wise, well, I'm not sure if it's bad tanks or what not but your lucky as melee since your always in the AoE range of the tank. Make sure to check what the tank is on if you aggro and switch to that. Your plate so a couple hits from mobs won't kill you. If you pull threat on the boss fights then make sure your not in frost presence ;p (done that before)


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