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Thread: Sindragosa DK debuff

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    Sindragosa DK debuff


    My DK tank claims thate the debuff chilled to bone stack on his dots.
    I don't belief him but i could be wrong is true what he say?

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    You need to clarify. The Chilled to the Bone debuff is a mage talent. The Chill of the Throne is the ICC debuff to the raid. I'm not sure quite what you are asking.
    I'm an alt-oholic. I'm ok with that.

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    Besides a being a mage talent, Chilled to the bone is a dot/debuff you get from melee attacking Sindragosa, the ability triggers the stacking debuff is called "Permeating Chill"

    Your DK is wrong about dots applying the debuff. It procs from physical attacks, and is a fixed % chance, so fast hitters like rogues, DW frost DKs, kitty druids, etc are more penalized than slow hitters like ret pallies or DKs that use two handers. Hunters shots are considered physical attacks and, funny enough, so is wanding.

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    Hi Akeber,

    Ye thats that what i told him.
    Thanks for your replay.


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