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Thread: Halls of Reflection HC

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    Thanks guys, reading this thread gave me lot of advice how to tank it.
    And yes, i have been called "noob tank" (like i ever said i am a pro...) and kicked out of group just because we wiped there 2 times in a row.
    I guess, some people are just born with l33t skills and 10 lvl 80s on their account...

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    if you can make it past the waves for the first two bosses imo, then you really can consider the hard tanking job done imo. the gauntlet part, i find much easier to pick up the mobs as they come sequentially.. TC the geists, heroic throw/ charge the aboms and you still have TC / shockwave up for the casters. for me, the gauntlet is more about the dps being on their game.

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    What opening moves do warrior use on the initial trash waves?

    My warrior alt has starting running heroics but I am little worried about the prospect of tanking the waves of trash at the start of HoR. I do fine with my palatank main, but that’s because of consecration, seal of command and holy wrath. How should I approach it with my warrior?

    With my pala, I now tank from the entrance rather than the alcove – it seems to give more reaction time and does not round up my party for flame strikes.

    With my warrior, I am thinking I would heroic throw the mage (as I avenger shield her on my pala) to silence her and bring her towards me.
    The rifleman I would leave to last, taunting to keep threat.

    The mercs I would shockwave and concussion blow to try to keep stunned, as these are the mobs I fear most in that instance (I hate being CCd).

    But what about the rest? The footmen and priests? I am worried about engaging one, only to see one or more others run past me for the healer. Charging seems particularly risky for that reason.

    Can someone talk me through their typical opening moves?

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    I use cleave glyphe (helps a TON during thunderclap cooldown) and vigilance on someone who tends to draw aggro early. Even with 6k gs i always tell my party to kill the mages first. They don't melee so every partymember can "tank" them while i grab all other mobs an pull them to that caster to aoe them down.

    I take the time to mark the mages with a skull helping the dps and that enough nowadays. Some weeks back, fresh dinged 80ish i did like to use some sort of cc. Shackle those ranger or repentance on anyone furthest away. Have your healer stay at the door, shield slam the first mob nearby and charge to another one + revenge. That leaves you with intercept, intervene, concussion blow AND showwave if your thunderclap + cleave misses someone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theodisius View Post
    What opening moves do warrior use on the initial trash waves?
    I'm a big fan of the doorway instead of alcove as well.

    Rather than "opening moves", here's some advice:

    TC/cleave for melee adds. Priest usually doesn't hang back, so you can pick it up same as melee.

    Heroic throw on casters, can also charge out and shield bash and then return to melee adds.

    Use spell reflect if casters are aggroed on you but you can't silence or close with them yet.

    Disarm works to round up the hunter mobs.

    If you can grab at least one of the ranged attackers, a healer can usually heal through any off-target damage the remaining ranged attacks do, even if they are aggroed to DPS or the healer (you just don't want all the ranged mobs running loose all at once). The melee mobs are the ones that will make mincemeat of non-tanks.

    If you have a healer that only heals the tank and ignores everything else, it just ain't gonna work.

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    As a warrior managing cool downs and rage are key.

    Keep Heroic throw for Mages, make sure to have rage when trash spawns ect.

    I usually start out in the opening of the alcove and catch the melee/priest on thier way in with a shield slam or devestate, Heroic throw the mage, charge/intercept/disarm hunter, gather all up and shockwave.

    Keep spell reflect up and tab/devestate/TC/cleave done.

    For the escape keep Heroic throw for the casters and charge/intercept when on cooldown. Cleave aboms and gather as many of the little dudes as possible to keep them off your healer.

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    for last wave on escape as warr tank it's nice to use challenging shout ... and than battle stance + retaliation ofc when last wave spawns ofc ^^


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